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Cloud is on-air: McClatchey Broadcasting grooves to Google Apps

McClatchey Broadcasting Company continues to go above and beyond to serve its community through entertainment, engagement and music. This dedicated group of broadcasting professionals now uses the cloud to modernize today’s radio station.


McClatchey Broadcasting Company is one of the Triangle’s respected media companies in the development, production and marketing of music programming in the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill market. McClatchey owns and operates WKIX-FM 102.9 and Its group of dedicated broadcast professionals go the extra mile to engage more than 165,000 listeners every week in North Carolina. The company’s strength comes from combining strong national identities and programming with local talent. The sale of advertising time within its format also enables McClatchey to provide music to the public free of charge.


McClatchey was experiencing the burdens of inefficient data storage. Files, contacts and calendars all had to be viewed on individual devices or transferred via USB. There was no capacity for universal sharing and synchronization. The data was vulnerable to hard-drive malfunctions, and there were reliability and security concerns associated with having a server located in the office.


Recognizing the need for more advanced data storage and collaboration tools, McClatchey decided to call NeoNova for help. NeoNova found three key solutions that could bring McClatchey into the next era of information storage and collaboration: Google Apps for Business, NeoNova Training and Support, and Cloud Website Hosting.


By using NeoNova to transition to the cloud, McClatchey streamlined its capacity for storage and collaboration. Employees now use their mobile phones to check emails, calendars, documents, and task-lists. Even better, all of this happens in real time with instant synchronization. In the unusual event that McClatchey has issues with the product, employees can call upon NeoNova’s technical experts for 24x7x365 support.

At a glance

What they needed?

  • Modern data storage
  • Efficient collaboration tools
  • Cloud-based website hosting
  • Ongoing service/support

What they did?

  • Google Apps for Business
  • NeoNova Cloud Website Hosting
  • NeoNova Cloud Training and Support

What they accomplished?

  • Real-time synchronization/collaboration
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Increased productivity via change management training and ongoing support

“I’m not one to get excited about software but I am very excited about what Google Apps for Business from NeoNova allows our team at McClatchey Broadcasting to do that we couldn’t before.“

Bill Whitley
Station Manager

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