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App Portal

Grow Revenue with New Services!

NeoNova’s Application Portal opens a new world of opportunity for you and your subscribers. Imagine a world where it is simple and easy to discover new apps, understand them, and start using them immediately.


New Features for 2013

App Portal’s Spring 2013 emphasis was on application discovery. The platform recognizes a user profile and uses it to determine whether the subscriber should be notified of a new application. It enables an up-selling of al a cart products for the Telco. As new services and products are introduced to the platform, the subscriber can be automatically alerted and given the opportunity to purchase. See new features below:

What’s New for 2013

  • Redesigned notifications (PNG) 
  • Immediate New Product Alerts
  • Notify of Product Updates
  • Quick-view App Icons (PNG)
  • App Tool-tips (PNG)
  • Product Details Window (PNG)
  • Tab Views (PNG)
  • Self-serve Bookmarks (PNG)
  • App Discovery Workflow

  • Communication Center (PNG)
  • App Launcher
  • Gadgets View (PNG)
  • Notifications (PNG)
  • Resource Links (PNG)
  • Integrated Support
  • User Management for Adm Role
  • End User Management (PNG)
  • Change Password (PNG)
  • Bulletins
  • Email Aliases (PNG)

  • Simplify End User Experience
  • Up-selling Al a Cart Products
  • App awareness of End User details & profile
  • End User creation of their own bookmarks
  • End User App Discovery via “New Apps” Tab
  • Increase product awareness for Telcos

The Internet has almost everything in the world available. The difficult part is finding the best application, trusting the provider, buying the application without putting your credit card on the web and then getting support for the application you just bought. Other than that, everything is simple!

NeoNova built the App Portal to open a new world to your subscribers while minimizing the fear of buying on the internet. We find the best applications, make sure they are trustworthy, understand the support needs and then package applications in a way that it is easy for your subscribers to order them, install them, and understand them. Then we make it easy for you to bill the subscriber, grow customer loyalty and your revenue!

The App Portal extends NeoNova’s core platform to your customers. It is a software container and single point of entry that empowers you to manage and launch applications for your end users. This framework removes all the difficulty with integrating, deploying, and presenting new apps. When NeoNova snaps in a new app, you can quickly and easily push it out for sale.

In addition, the App Portal provides end-user self-management features to eliminate unnecessary calls into support. Password management, sub-account management and entitlements, as well as self-provisioning, are just a few of the things end-users can do themselves.

By reducing the costs of deployment through automation, NeoNova can pass on the margins to you.