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Provisioning, Monitoring and Diagnosing from the Cloud

NeoNova brings the power of the cloud to DSL modems with its Modem Management Solutions platform. The platform allows telcos and ISPs the ability to auto-provision modems at the user level, add Wi-Fi settings if needed, support various class of service tiers, and provide field technician support through a mobile app.

Administrators, field technicians and customer service representatives alike will benefit from the Modem Management Solutions platform, as it provides remote access to the modem’s account settings, configuration properties and troubleshooting features. Once an administrator provisions a modem through NovaSubscriber or the telco’s billing system (XML API), technicians and CSRs will have access to different features of the modem such as a visual network map, device connection status, DSL parameters, WAN/LAN settings, wireless settings and more. Ultimately, the Modem Management Solutions platform helps keep customers happy through fast, thorough problem resolution.

NeoNova hosts the auto-configuration server (ACS), which functions as the backbone for the Modem Management Solutions platform so telcos don’t need to worry about managing any equipment. They simply log in to the provisioning platform from any Internet-connected device and access information and settings for the modems on their network. Also, when users call technical support – regardless of whether technical support is provided in-house or from a remote location – the support agent can view the user’s modem and help troubleshoot problems with the goal of preventing truck rolls by the telco.


NeoNova Modem Management Solutions at a Glance

  • Basic data entry of modem details into telco/ISP billing system or NovaSubscriber allows for quicker setup of modems from any location
  • Modem provisioning and synchronization with a subscriber keeps your network of modems organized and easy to manage
  • Class of service selection to keep customers within the tier that works best for them
  • Field technician remote access for modem “change out” orders shortens time required for house calls
  • Better customer service
    • More efficient management of end user’s modem (software updates)
    • Visual diagnostic tool for customer service reps
    • Quicker diagnosis of subscriber problems
  • Remote access helps reduce truck rolls, saving time and money

How Does the Modem Management Solutions Platform Work?

In order for a telco/ISP to make use of the Modem Management Solutions platform, the DSL modems on its network must be TR-069 compliant. If the modems are compliant, admins can enter the modem information into NovaSubscriber, which then communicates with the ACS engine. The ACS engine serves as the communication hub between NovaSubscriber, the end-user’s modem, and tools that allow administrators and technical support to view and configure the modem. Once an administrator, technical support agent or field technician logs into any of the Web-based tools, he or she can make adjustments to the user’s modem or troubleshoot problems.

Modem Management Solutions Platform

Modem Management Solutions Platform

How Can I Get Started?

To find out about adding the NeoNova Modem Management Solutions platform to your portfolio, call 877-NEONOVA (636-6682) or email