We Make Getting to the Cloud Easy


Connect with Your Community

Local portals are gateways that offer a valuable opportunity for ISPs to reach their subscribers in a personal way. MyCommunity is the home base Web surfers have been waiting for. As an ISP you will enjoy the benefit of a low-cost shared solution with all of the control and benefit of an in-house portal. MyCommunity helps service providers customize and connect with news and activities specific to their community. It also allows subscribers to feel more involved in their community.

Strengthen Your Brand

Promote yourself and your services to your community. Give local businesses and community groups a forum to deliver their news

Easily Customizable

Enhance your brand with an customizable home-page

Cross-promote products

Deliver cross-promote products, services, and support, reinforcing the value of your brand to customers every time they go online

Complement your existing website

Offer rich local and national content at affordable prices. Many customers have chosen to use it as their start page or an external link to enhanced local content online