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Security for Home PCs

What keeps your subscribers up at night?  The world has not seen a more sophisticated criminal, and the velocity of online attacks today is unparalleled. MySecurity is an affordable choice in today’s battle against online threats and provides protection at every layer. Its comprehensive features protect users to the core and provide an all-in-one system where service providers can successfully leverage technology to protect their subscribers.

MySecurity helps you do two important things as an ISP. First, by having subscriber’s computers protected at the source, you are ensuring that your network is safe from threats. Second, this product carries a tremendous value to end user customers meaning you can sell this product and generate incremental revenue and significant margin. MySecurity is available both inside and outside of the Application Portal. Ask us how we can help you market this to your subscribers.

New User Friendly Interface

Provides ease of customization for beginner and advanced users, including one-button access to instant upgrades and updates. Allows temporary suppression of many security alerts – preventing them from interrupting your fun – while keeping your PC protected.

Do Not Track

Grants you complete control over who receives your private data. You can block data-collecting companies, traditional companies that seek to collect your personal information, and control who is allowed to follow you as you surf the internet. Do Not Track accomplishes these tasks all while increase your browsing speed.

Facebook Privacy Scan

Identifies and suggests remedies for Facebook activity (i.e. pictures, videos, status updates, etc.) that can expose your private information and hurt your privacy. Results and detailed instructions to remedy the issues are delivered in seconds.

New Antivirus Engine!

Employs three programs – Virus Pre-Scan, Behavioral Virus Detection, and Advanced Virus Removal – to prevent early infection, clean deep-rooted viruses, and remove dangerous programs that normal antivirus programs would miss.