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NovaAdmin is a simple, Web-based interface designed for account sign-up, user administration, and ISP management that allows users to centrally-manage and maintain their subscribers.  Users can add/remove/change their subscribers’ services seamlessly in real-time with multiple levels of administration and office control, customer service modules and provisioning of services.

Simplify Operations

All account provisioning and maintenance functions have been centralized into NovaAdmin.

Web-based Application

This application that can be run from any computer with a Web browser and supports multiple users with multiple levels of access rights.

Enterprise Functionality

All customer account functions can be performed through NovaAdmin.  Once a change has been committed, NovaAdmin automatically provisions and adjusts parameters across the entire system. Static IP assignment, and even DSLAM port assignment and provisioning, can be handled through NovaAdmin with proper equipment and networking capabilities.

Insight into Operations

Most account level reporting functions can be initiated through NovaAdmin. From an operational standpoint, it can serve as the launching
point for all other tools and cut costs by providing one operational platform.


Real Time User Reporting

Real Time User Reporting


NovaAdmin Technical Feature List

  • User Database
    • High Level user information
    • Custom Fields
    • Service Entitlements and Attributes
    • Parent / Child relationships
    • Logical Grouping
    • Custom Groups
    • User Level
    • State Management (Suspend / Activate)
    • Delayed Suspend
    • Custom Suspend Reasons
    • Suspended User Management
    • Mass Update Utility
    • Web Services XML API
    • Tiered Access Rights
    • Ad-Hoc Searching
  • IPAM
    • Full Radius Support
    • Service level profiles
    • Custom Templates (domain and user level)
    • Static IP Addresses
    • Simultaneous Use control
    • Custom VSA Support
    • Log Searching
    • Who’s Online Database
    • NAS specific reporting
    • Last Five Logins – Troubleshooting Tool
    • User level entitlement
    • DHCP (bridged network) Support
    • Plain-Old DHCP
    • Web-Based DHCP Server control interface
    • MAC based static IP lease assignment (user level)
    • Option82 based static IP based lease assignment (user level)
    • MAC address move / add / change history
    • CIDR network block management
    • Master / Slave redundant support
    • Search-able IP Address and MAC addresses
  • Full Export Capability
    • Excel or plain text
    • Filtered or non-filtered result sets
    • Selective export content
  • Bulletin Engine
    • Notify all, or a pre-defined group of, users
    • Store and modify previously sent bulletins
  • Welcome Letters
    • Custom welcome letters for new users
  • CPE Inventory Management
    • Custom Brands and Models
    • High level configuration attributes
  • Custom Service Support
  • End user control panel
    • Configurable by user group or at the domain level
    • Service and service attribute level toggles to expose functionality to the end-user
    • Brand-able to the ISP
  • User Activity reporting
  • User level history logs
  • Multi Tenant Support