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Explore, Visualize and Understand your Network Data

Eliminate day-to-day administrative headaches while maximizing your ROI. NovaAnalyze provides deep reporting of help desk performance metrics, service transaction usage, and a series of network and device-related metrics such as bandwidth and server utilization, port usage, latency and packet loss, and memory usage. It instantly improves the strength and efficiency of your current operations and provides customers with the breakthrough experience they are looking for. And, with NovaAnalyze you receive a customized solution backed by NeoNova’s industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

Bandwidth, IP, and Modem Utilization

NeoNova provides deep reporting of bandwidth, IP, and Modem utilization without additional charge to customers.  Bandwidth monitoring and threshhold analysis services are available as part of NovaCare.


NeoNova provides all customers with unlimited access to the NetTrendz reporting service.  NetTrendz provides unlimited monitoring of an unlimited number of devices used within a service provider’s network.  The data collected and housed within NetTrendz is available in real-time graphical form in a web-based interface.  Parameters from bandwidth, to modem utilization, to CPU load, among others can easily be monitored and tracked.  For service providers that require additional monitoring and proactive management solutions, NeoNova offers NovaCare.

Customer Interaction

All interaction with end-users us carried out on behalf of the service provider and fully branded as their service.  The help desk operation can provide support for dial-up, DSL, cable modem users is desired.  Additional capabilities include account setup and activation.  Detailed usage reports of all activity are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  Access to individual call tickets and records are available to spot check the services.

Help Desk Support

NeoNova’s Help Desk employs a Tier I / Tier II type of operation.  A detailed escalation process is put in place for each service provider to address end-user problems which are beyond the scope of the Help Desk.  This process is customized  for each service provider based on the network monitoring and management options employed as well as their procedural requirements.