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Advanced Network Monitoring and Management

NovaCare allows ISPs to cost-effectively outsource the care, maintenance, management, problem resolution, and operation of their network infrastructure to NeoNova. We provide maintenance on equipment you choose including configuration changes, troubleshooting, software/firmware upgrades, monitoring, and interfacing with device manufacturers as required.  NovaCare proactively maintains a high level of network uptime in a cost-efficient way.

Knowledge & Experience

NeoNova becomes responsible for all aspects of the devices covered.

Proactive Measures

Preset trigger points catch many problems before they occur. This enables the appropriate personnel to employ proactive measures rather than reactive fixes.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

NeoNova notifies the affiliate of any conditions or issues that are or can affect service. Monitoring and management functions are performed on a continuous, proactive basis – 24×7.

Monitors Dedicated Circuits & Bandwidth Statistical Tools

We monitor and report any problems with dedicated circuit interfaces on routers. NeoNova will be in direct contact with the circuit provider and work directly to resolve any problems. In addition, we also provide affiliates with statistics on bandwidth utilization.

Full Device Management

NeoNova engineers are able to manage and update software revision levels. We also are responsible for configuration management.

Industry-Leading SLA

NovaCare is backed by NeoNova’s industry-leading Service Level Agreement and money back