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Provides real-time visibility into the health of your network

Customer satisfaction and business profitability are increasingly dependent on the perceived performance of your network. NovaMonitor gives you the visibility to know how your subscribers are using your network – so you can rapidly resolve problems and manage your business and subscribers effectively. NovaMonitor is an easy-to-use service supported by NeoNova and powered by award-winning technology from Xangati. NovaMonitor provides real-time visibility into the health of your network. It gives you the visibility and intelligence to understand what applications your subscribers are using, and quickly identify root causes of problems.

Rapid Problem Resolution

Empowers you to respond to end-user, application and network performance and availability issues in dramatically less time. NovaMonitor helps you find problems at least 20% faster!

See all Subscriber Activity

Provides real-time visibility into bandwidth-intensive applications used by your subscribers. Understand what applications impact network performance.

Identify malware, viruses, and spammers

Identify infected subscribers in real-time and with historical reporting. With NovaMonitor you can identify threats, offer remediation services, boost customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Usage Reports

Historical usage reporting enables you to understand how your network is being used to make better business decisions and grow your business.

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See how Buggs Island Telephone lowers costs and increases revenue with NovaMonitor, powered by Xangati. Download Webinar Recording: Getting Visibility Into Applications and Subscriber’s Activity on Your Network. (~1 hour)

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