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Excellence in Protecting Your Network

Technology connects us, but it also exposes us. The unparalleled rate of change in our industry has placed an essential emphasis on security. NovaSecure probes your network for security weaknesses using best-in-class vulnerability scanning tools while also providing the tools for developing, auditing and training users on security policies and best practices.

Recognizes Threats

Service providers and subscribers have a heightened awareness of their vulnerability and are concerned with ensuring your network’s integrity and availability.

Risk Analysis

Includes comprehensive security auditing tools and processes to detect and analyze current vulnerabilities within your network’s infrastructure.


Provides 24x7x365 management and analysis on connections, routers, security devices and Internet access.

Fully Automated

Generates automated monthly security assessment reports. Enhanced service levels provide access to highly-trained engineers who will review the data and provide in-depth analysis on a quarterly basis.

Industry Compliance

Meets most general security needs and helps organizations meet many regulatory guidelines set forth to protect confidential data such as CPNI, GLBA, SOX and PCI.

Proven Results

Provides visibility of your network’s overall security risk level from day one. The critical information generated allows for implementation of controls that ensure the safe use of vital business applications and data.

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