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High Quality and Low Cost Local Channels

ViewLocal from NeoNova and NRTC allows you to deliver local channels* over your managed broadband network, allowing your customers to say “Goodbye” to weak over-the-air signals and “Hello!” to high-quality viewing on multiple screens and devices.


Why will you love ViewLocal?

  • Easy Setup. ViewLocal eliminates costly and complex setups typically associated with high-quality broadband video.
  • Increase and Diversify Revenue. ViewLocal gives you the opportunity to upsell broadband by encouraging customers to use more bandwidth.
  • Branded Interface. With a white labeled interface for the mobile apps, web app, and Roku channel, ViewLocal becomes your local content streaming service.
  • Profile-Based Login. Your customers can provide separate logins for each of their family members, enabling profile-level permissions and settings.
  • Marketing Assistance. NeoNova offers marketing assistance to help you quickly and effectively promote ViewLocal to your customers.
  • Complete Broadband Video Solution. By coupling ViewLocal with NeoNova’s Sling TV referral program, you can offer customers both local and national broadband video programming, making you their go-to provider for video solutions.
  • Future-Proofed Apps. ViewLocal is designed to support the additional requirements of national content providers.

Why will your customers love ViewLocal?

  • Faster Connection. By using a broadband connection, ViewLocal allows customers to view all their local channels without the inconvenience of spotty over-the-air signals or expensive premium programming packages.
  • Multiple Screens. Because ViewLocal is profile-based, each family member can watch the program they want on separate TV, computers or mobile devices, all at the same time.
  • Multiple Devices. ViewLocal gives customers the advantage of watching their local content on whichever device they prefer, whether its a computer, iOS device, an Android device, or a TV via a Roku.
  • Full Channel Guide. With ViewLocal’s complete channel guide, your customers can easily see what’s on now and in the future, helping them to find the programs they want to watch and increasing their usage and satisfaction.
  • Parental Controls. ViewLocal is designed to be family-friendly, allowing your customers to set up multiple profiles with specific permissions to make sure their children are viewing only appropriate content.
  • Easy-To-Use Interface. Your customers will be up-and-running quickly with ViewLocal’s simple on-screen interface and channel information.

How can you get started?

We are currently taking orders and would be happy to schedule a demo with you. Contact us today!


* Local channels may be subject to retransmission agreements.