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24×7 Help Desk and Support

NovaDesk is your silent partner for complete 24×7 Call Center Services, providing customer care and support at a minimal cost. Our 24×7 Contact Center Services, including Telephone, Email & Chat Support, can be easily integrated to offer your end-users a one-stop solution – producing cost savings & satisfied customers at the same time.   As help desks become more of an integral player, its capability to keep up with the constantly changing and growing support needs becomes an increasingly difficult challenge. NovaDesk is adaptable to all organizations and leverages technology and real people to solve real problems by ensuring superior levels of customer service and network availability.

Comprehensive Service

  • Agents are trained on all NeoNova Services
  • Customers get a single point of contact
  • Best-in-class hardware and technology
  • Robust ticketing with chat & email

Cost Containment

Eliminates CAPEX and other fixed/people costs while bringing efficiencies to operations

Quality Customer Support

Increase service quality, efficiently use operations personnel, reduce costs and minimize customer churn


Provides a transparent network view into subscriber activity that allows customer service to solve or at least forward the problem to the right person for repair – saving money and technical resources.


Service providers of all sizes now have the ability to compete in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Full-Service Solution

Many ISPs have their own call centers and simply elect to use NovaDesk to supplement their organization’s customer service more efficiently and economically.

Looking to contact Support? Try our Contact page or fill out our Contact Form.  We’re always happy to help.