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Customer Ticketing Support Portal

NovaSupport tracks and resolves issues between subscribers, ISP employees, and NeoNova experts through a comprehensive customer support portal. It is adaptable to all organizations and supplies the cutting-edge ticketing system affiliates need to communicate between NeoNova, Help Desk Agents, and Customer Primary contacts when issues arise with ISP-related services. NovaSupport provides a high return on investment by offering a seamless way to communicate during urgent situations.

Assignment and Escalation Capability

Employs security clearance levels to manage ticket access. Each level allows specific users to control certain aspects of their team members’ user profiles.

User/Team Administration and Management

Delivers six user-type classifications to achieve security clearance for specific functions within the system.

Knowledge Base

Provides “allow” or “deny” user access to Logs, Tickets, Knowledge Base Articles, Reports, Team and User Management and other services.

Reporting Engine

Accessible by Help Desk Agents (Tier 1) and Customers (Tier 2) to track call volumes, call resolution and other internal issues

Monitors Aging Alerts

Provides Email notifications to the ticket originator, assigned prime, and a team captain when tickets are updated, escalated or remain idle for too long.


NovaSupport Ticket Submission


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