NeoNova Cares

Being a good corporate citizen and being of service to others is at the heart of our culture. NeoNova Cares is the philanthropic arm of the company and is active throughout the year supporting the local community.


We Create A Culture of Collaboration and Caring

Here at NeoNova, we strive to celebrate the talented individuals who make up our team and to create an environment where they can innovate, create, and have fun. We understand that, to truly function as an efficient and effective organization, we need to help everyone feel comfortable. Comfortable with our work environment. Comfortable with our equipment. And most of all, comfortable with each other.

Fun Team Building Events

We plan lots of events that reflect our core values, goals, and mission to help us build relationships and work together better. From gingerbread house building competitions, to ice cream making events, to costume contests, to our annual family outing to watch Raleigh’s own Carolina Hurricanes, there’s always something fun just over the horizon.

Nifty Office Environment

Yep, we said “nifty.” We have a unique, colorful setup with a cool superhero theme and a bunch of random cow pictures everywhere (don’t ask). We also love to take care of our folks with subsidized vending machines (when’s the last time you bought a Coke for a quarter?) and lots of gourmet coffee to power you through your day!

We Work Hard. We Play Hard.

Here at NeoNova, we pride ourselves on our open and stimulating work environment. It’s right in our mission statement: we innovate, create, and have fun!