It’s a Tuesday morning in the office, just like any other. The sun is shining, the phones are ringing, and … the bacon is sizzling?

The NeoNova office in Raleigh, N.C. was filled with buzz and excitement after a mass email went out the day before…

“Tomorrow morning we will be having a company breakfast prepared by our awesome executive team; take this opportunity to get to mix and mingle with the other departments.”

The day kicked off with a surprise breakfast prepared by the heads of several departments. CEO and breakfast aficionado, Jason McGinnis, headed the pancake production with the aid of CFO, Mike DeFrancesco. Our Executive Director of Customer Relations Curtis Strole provided the savory sides of bacon and sausage, while our VP of Sales Dave Butler provided the sweet with a yogurt parfait assembly line. Lastly, our VP of Operations Rafael Alba did what he does best and helped ensure a smooth operation by making the supplemental pancake batter and cleaning up the kitchen.

When asked what the occasion was for the surprise, Jason simply said “it’s a Tuesday.”

These little surprises are the ways our teams say thanks to one another. At NeoNova, we never take for granted the hard work our employees give day in and day out.