NeoNova is and has always been about its customers first and foremost, but we would not have these customers if not for our amazing customer service staff.

Since NeoNova is so customer-focused, you could say everyone here is in customer service. From your support calls, to your emails, to questions about services, our staff is 100% invested in providing you and your customers with the care and support you deserve

So how do we say thanks to our customer service folks for the long hours, the late nights, and the dedication to helping customers? How do we say “thanks for being you”? At NeoNova, we decided to say thanks by devoting a whole week to our customer service teams.

From October 2nd to the 6th, 2017 was Customer Service Appreciation Week in our Raleigh office, full of activities, good food, and great people. Each day of the week revolved around a different theme to make it fun and interesting. The folks in our Huntsville office are celebrating too, but they decided to spread things out over the entire month. Stay tuned for an update from our southern office in a few weeks.

Check out the recap of our Raleigh festivities below!


Monday: Sportstravaganza Day

We kicked it off with Sports Day. Everyone was encouraged to wear gear from their favorite sports teams. October is a great time for this, right in the thick of the baseball playoffs, football season, the opening week of hockey, and just two weeks out from the NBA starting back.



Tuesday: Comfy PJ Day

Pajamas and pancakes for everyone! We kept it casual and had everyone come in in their jammies. That morning, the executive team prepared pancakes, sausage, and bacon for everyone.



Wednesday: Soup-er Hero Day

Our customer service people are our true heroes. Everyone dressed as their favorite caped crusader and several volunteered to serve up their tastiest homemade soup.



Thursday: Time to Get Reel

Who doesn’t love a good movie day? We converted one of our conference rooms in to a full-blown movie theater. We had all day movies and popcorn as well as a few costumed characters.



Friday: Field Trip!

The week came to an end with our outdoor Field Day. We closed off part of the parking lot, enjoyed some delicious food truck pizza and slushies, and faced off in some intense intramural parking lot games.



You will hear the people of NeoNova say customers are our reason for being, and it could not be truer. This thinking is what makes our customer service staff so great. So from all of us here at NeoNova, Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week! We’re so glad to have you as a part of the NeoNova family!