The first month of 2017 is coming to a close, and we hope your new year is off to as good a start as ours. That’s because we’re busy planning our very first IP Vision Preconference Workshop, taking place Monday, April 10, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in St Louis. If you’re attending IP Vision, we really hope you’ll be able to join us!

We know you probably spend a lot of time at conferences sitting and listening to other people talk about the things they think are important for you to hear. That’s why we’re planning something a little bit different, with a highly-interactive, round-robin style session where you’ll get to pick the brains of industry experts in Cybersecurity, Managed WiFi, and Broadband Video.

Our goal is to encourage everyone to get involved and have a chance to guide the discussion to the issues they’d like to cover; it should be unlike anything you’ve ever attended before! If you’re planning to attend IP Vision, we’d love to see you there. NTCA should be sending the registration form soon.

Ok, that’s only part of the news I’d like to share with you. The other big thing that we’re kicking off is what we like to call our “Team Spotlight Series”! Over the next few months, we’ll be introducing all of the NeoNova teams, so you can get to know the folks who are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the first in the series, your NeoNova Customer Advocate (CA) team! If you weren’t aware, your Customer Advocate is your direct liaison to NeoNova. They are highly dedicated and work tirelessly to be our Affiliates’ representatives “on the ground” here, driving requests and issues through to resolution.

See below for a brief video highlighting the team members and their overall philosophy.

If you don’t know who your CA is, or if you just haven’t spoken to them in a bit, feel free to email and they’ll get in touch ASAP to chat about your needs and how we can help. As always, if you have anything you’d like to talk with me about, I’d be thrilled to speak with you. Just email me at and get in touch.

Thanks and hope to speak with you soon!