I recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and it was full of exciting, bleeding-edge technology. See previous post this week about it. It’s important to me and everyone else here at NeoNova to explore new ideas and learn about innovative ways we can help you succeed. In fact, it’s one of our five core values: we are passionate about innovation, creativity, and fun. It’s an attitude every one of us here at NeoNova brings with us to work every single day.

In line with the “fun” side of NeoNova, I wanted to share my top five favorite displays from CES 2018. Enjoy!

#5 – The Rocking Bed

This bed literally rocks you to sleep at night. The perfect complement to balance out my fascination with high-quality caffeinated beverages. High on my wish list for 2018!

#4 – The Fridge Table

Why does this not already exist? It seems so obvious now that I’ve seen it! A coffee table that doubles as a refrigerator? Talk about convenient.

#3 – The Actilight Smart Toilet

Move over, squatty potty. There’s a new king on the throne. This smart toilet has a UV light to sanitize the bowl and does some other nifty things to keep everything fresh and clean. Word is, it even analyzes the, err, contents to ensure you’re keeping a proper level of hydration (I had to take their word on that, though; they didn’t allow demonstrations).

#2 – The Automatic Clothes Folder

In go the freshly-washed duds. Out come a set of perfectly folded garments ready to be put away. Finally, the most annoying part of laundry day is being tackled by technology. Ahh, science!

And without further ado … (drumroll please)

#1 – Drip, the Coffee Robot

If you didn’t realize my #1 choice would have something to do with coffee, well, you haven’t been paying attention! This robotic coffee-maker delivers water at exactly the right temperature and flow rate for a perfect pot of coffee.

It’s the ideal appliance if spectacular coffee is your thing. (And it’s definitely mine!)


– McG