It’s the final day of the 12 Days of NeoNova University!
Throughout the month, we have showcased highlights and activities for our upcoming Affiliate Summit on May 22-25, 2016 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our theme for this event will be “New Frontiers” and we’re devoting our agenda to helping you expand your business into exciting, unexplored territory in 2016. Anyone registered by Jan. 15, 2016 will be eligible to receive an official NeoNova University belt buckle, and we’re also offering a special discount at the beautiful Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole.

Our campaign reaches finale today with a message from NeoNova CEO Ray Carey:

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed the 12 Days of NeoNova University series. I’m really excited about our upcoming “New Frontiers” Summit and all of the great topics (plus the fun activities and great food!) we have planned for you. As we close things out on this series of posts, I wanted to add a personal “thank you” to all of our NeoNova Affiliates.

One of the earlier posts mentioned that “Our customers are our reason for being” is one of our core values at NeoNova. That’s absolutely the truth. In fact, it’s No. 1 on the list, and we underlined it to boot! You really are why we’re here, and making sure we’re providing the best services and value to you (so you can provide the best services and value to YOUR customers) drives everything we do.

If you’re able to join us at Summit next year, we’d love to have you and look forward to seeing you! If you’re not able to make it, we completely understand and I would welcome a call (415-722-2889) or email ( to talk about your challenges and needs, and how we might be able to help you expand your business into some New Frontiers!

I hope you and your family enjoy a very happy holiday season.

Thank you!

Ray Carey

Be sure to register for NeoNova University: New Frontiers as we’re pulling out all the stops for you next year with a Western adventure filled with fun, new ideas, and incredible food, all in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. If you have moment, take a look back at all 12 of our previous stories this month to learn about other exciting topics and activities planned for our 2016 Summit.

Happy Holidays from NeoNova!