By RAY CAREY, read more by Ray

RuthAnn, one of our stellar customer advocates, pointed out to me that she was working on our 1 millionth entry in NovaTicket, our system for tracking customer interactions.

We revamped and re-numbered the system in 2008, about when Jason McGinnis, VP of Operations, first got involved with NeoNova. We are now processing them at a rate of about 20,000 per month and growing; so 2 million should be just around the corner. Next stop, a billion?

Not sure what I am talking about?

Our ticket system is our backbone for accountability. Every customer and affiliate interaction gets a ticket. End-customer call? Write a ticket. Affiliate request? Write a ticket. Affiliate coming in for a visit and a Hurricanes game (fun!)? Write a ticket. Jason Fisher, Director of Operations, changes hats? Write a ticket.

We try to record and follow-up on everything that has any potential impact around here at NeoNova. We are true believers that if we can measure it, we can improve it.

Accountability. It’s our blueprint to a billion.

Call us if you want to know more. We are listening – and taking tickets!