I hope you are all having fun with our wacky weather, wild wild card games (wow, is all I can say to our Steelers fans) and the craziness that is the start of another year.

I’ll keep this short as I know you are all busy, as are we, reviewing 2015 and setting priorities and goals for 2016. (Expect to hear more from me on our shared goals for NeoNova as we roll out our objectives, both inside and outside the organization, in the coming weeks).

Our esteemed CTO, Chris Beatson is just back from the madhouse that is the Consumer Electronics Show. An excerpt from his report is below:

CES was massive; 2.4 million square feet with more than 170,000 visitors. Needless to say, I didn’t see it all. The big attractions this year were drones, connected devices (of every imaginable type), and virtual reality. The telco folks I spent time with seemed interested in smart home technology and managed Wi-Fi. Smart home tech was all over the place, with multiple different vendors presenting all sorts of different technologies for connectivity- Wi-Fi, not so much specifically. Ultimately, there wasn’t anything I’d consider groundbreaking or game changing, just improvements on existing technology for the most part. I had good meetings with Accedo and Digitalsmiths, and got to chat with the guy who runs Sling (Ben Weinberger). I also spent time with several affiliates, technology partners, and our brethren at NRTC while getting my exercise in – pretty sure I walked about 20 miles!

Feel free to hit him up with any questions that you might have (

One final note, I hope to see as many of you as I can in 2016, and quick heads up where I know I’ll be over the next few months. Our CA’s can help set up meetings (you can reach them at

  • February: NRECA in New Orleans
  • February: RTIME in Orlando
  • April: IP Vision in Las Vegas
  • May: NeoNova Summit in Jackson Hole

Have a great week,

The Janitor