The NeoNova business office will be closed for Good Friday as folks prep for a weekend of basketball, fun and family.

Many of you read my note a couple of weeks ago about heading to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my executive team for strategic planning and some fun.  We had a great session and will be sharing some of our best thoughts with folks at our Summit. (By the way, there’s less than a month left to book your room, so register today!)

In an effort to prove to the team that anything is possible with a little effort, we took to the windy bay in Rodanthe, N.C. for a Kiteboarding session. As you can see, we put the effort in and by the end of the day we went from Zero to Hero!

Trying, trying and trying again,
The Janitor

PS – I’m headed out the week after next to IP Vision in Las Vegas. If you or your team are in town and want to talk about our new Sling TV deal (press announcement coming next week), our new ViewLocal Android and IOS apps or anything else, just let me know. Hope to see you soon.

PPS – I think we broke Curtis. He will recover but flowers are welcome!