I try to get the Janitor’s Corner out at least once a month. It’s been a crazy busy February, but Leap Day helped me out with one more day to hit the mark, so here’s the February edition of the Corner.

I tried to keep it brief, but I had several updates so if you have questions or want more details please feel free to get in touch with me.

•    CONFERENCE SEASON: I am just back from our annual meetings for both our Electric and Telco Members. Tim Bryan, NRTC CEO, gave a great overview of where we have come from and where we are headed, and members shared some great videos about the work we’ve done together.

My biggest takeaway from more than three dozen meetings and meals with our broadband providers is that most of our folks are redoubling their efforts in edge-out, CLEC and other builds in an earnest effort to move beyond a P&L where subsidies exceed cash flow. We’ll be talking more about this and successful strategies folks are employing to accomplish this goal in our benchmarking session at the NeoNova Summit.

•    COWBOY TIME: We are now just 82 days from NeoNova Summit 2016 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We are excited to be hosting everyone out west in Cowboy Country. We’ve just finalized the agenda and it’s going to be awesome. We have great education, activities and in NeoNova fashion, a lot of fun. So register with this link HERE & click GET TICKETS (no promo codes required), pack your boots and book your travel. We’ll even provide the western belt buckle!

Note: If flights are expensive, think about flying into Salt Lake City and driving. The hotel is extending our group rate two days before and after the show. It’s about a 4-hour drive, but even with the extra day it nets cheaper and you get an extra day!

•    NEW VIDEO MODELS: This will be a hot topic at Summit. We will soon be announcing both our new iOS and Android applications for our local television product and a new relationship with Sling. Stay tuned or call your CA’s if you have questions. I had several informal discussions about this project with folks at the conferences and I’m excited about where we are headed.

•    NEOCLOUD: We recently spun our businesses services unit out into a new entity, NeoCloud. The team, products and availability to members remain unchanged. As we have grown our business services unit with Google and Microsoft, >90% of our business is outside the rural markets. We reorganized the unit to reflect this change in the customer base. You may see a new name on some of your contracts, but otherwise you should not experience any changes.

Questions and comments are welcome. We feel blessed as always to be your cooperative technology partner.

Keep your boots on,

The Janitor