SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Kentik, the provider of network analytics for the cloud-native world, today announced a partnership with NeoNova, a subsidiary of the National Rural Telecoms Cooperative (NRTC) which empowers hundreds of rural broadband providers with leading-edge subscriber services, network management, and help desk solutions. As a new Kentik Reseller Partner, NeoNova will support rural broadband providers with two critical network performance and security challenges: protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and real-time network visibility to maintain highly performant, secure services for improved customer satisfaction.

“At NeoNova we aim to bring best-of-breed technology to rural broadband service providers so they can focus on what they do best 一 delighting their customers and bridging the digital divide,” said Jason McGinnis, CEO of NeoNova. “Given resource constraints for many of our customers, for far too long they’ve been stuck with legacy and/or DIY network monitoring tools that don’t provide the real-time answers needed to determine whether issues are, for example, availability issues, such as a DDoS attack, or performance issues relating to capacity. Our partnership with Kentik changes that for our customers and arms them with actionable insights.”

As part of the agreement, NeoNova will offer My Kentik, a native portal within Kentik’s powerful SaaS analytics platform that enables curated, self-service network traffic visibility for NeoNova’s customers. With My Kentik, master tenants (e.g. NeoNova or other service providers and enterprises) can create customized, branded per-customer content, derived from the traffic data collected and analyzed using the Kentik service, and filtered to each customer’s own slice of the data. With My Kentik, NeoNova can provide its customers with both detailed and big-picture insights for planning, troubleshooting, automatically detecting and responding to DDoS attacks, and optimizing network performance.

“We’ve worked with rural broadband providers for quite some time, so we understand the network visibility challenges they’re up against as well as their budget constraints and talent gaps,” said Jim Frey, vice president of strategic alliances at Kentik. “Hosted within the Kentik platform, our My Kentik portal is a powerful way to help our partners and customers’ customers address these network challenges, and we’re happy to partner with NeoNova to unlock real-time, actionable network insights for more organizations here in the U.S.”

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