By: Joshua Palmer, NeoNova Training Manager

One of NeoNova’s core values is that “our people are the key to our success.”

That core value is especially integral for our Help Desk.

In 2017, NeoNova acquired API Digital in Huntsville, Alabama, which also included its Help Desk capabilities. Their Help Desk service was very similar to ours so we wanted to create a similar culture that integrates the two for one seamless experience.

In Raleigh, NeoNova uses the Kudos Employee Recognition Program as a tool for peer recognition. Employees essentially give nods to other agents whom they feel have done a great job. Agents in the NeoNova Huntsville Office recently celebrated the integration of Kudos, and we captured some of the photographs from the party. Enjoy!


Please contact us if you want to learn more about how our Help Desk enables rural service providers to connect with their customers and give them the best service possible.