By Jeff Kennon

The art of listening is a huge part of what we do at NeoNova.

Whether it’s an end-user, a customer service manager, an Affiliate team member or a technician out in the field, listening is what grounds our relationships! We strive to be THE expert in the field when it comes to how best to address technical issues efficiently and effectively, and we’ve learned that the best process always has a full-stop “listening” action from our team members.

I’ve read a lot about this topic, and most studies I’ve seen generally agree that almost 55% of all communication is nonverbal, which may lead you to ask, “Hey Jeff, how in the world do you help a customer over the phone when over half of your ability to communicate has been removed?”

Well, If you were to ask that, my response would be, “GREAT QUESTION. I am so glad you asked!”

From the start, we are always looking for team members who know how to listen before they speak. Yes, we ask pertinent questions, but we teach our folks to listen to a customer, both what’s being said and (just as importantly) what’s not being said.

Often, as a customer is describing a problem to us, it is what they don’t say that helps our team members understand the customer’s knowledge level. Often, just from listening to the customer’s description of the issue, we learn that our best first step is to educate first and then solve, versus jumping straight to a set of solution steps.

While our ultimate goal is to create an environment where customers get their problems resolved as efficiently as possible, that’s an overarching mission, not one that’s limited to each individual call. If we hear an opportunity to educate a customer to help prevent future frustrations, we’ll take advantage of it, every time.

Another example is when we use our robust reporting to identify a customer as a “frequent flyer,” someone who has called in often. We have learned that there is a deeper need for understanding, patience and attention applied to this customer, and our agents are trained to accommodate this need.

While metrics drive our call center just like they do every other call center in the world, here at NeoNova, the top metric we consider is customer satisfaction. As your designated technical support representatives, we take as much time as needed to listen so we can best help your customers.

Jeff will join Christina Sheehan with Crate & Barrel and Chad Pritchard from NICE inContact’s Product Expert team for a fun and engaging webinar session on Thursday. The NICE inContact Power Hour: 45 Workforce Optimization Ideas in 45 Minutes, is scheduled for Thursday (Aug. 22) from noon to 1 p.m. EDT. Use this link to for more information and how to register.

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About the Author

Jeff Kennon is the Director of Customer Care at NeoNova. Drawing on his 26 years of leadership and customer care experience, he helped built the NeoNova technical support team from the ground up, streamlining it with highly-efficient processes while maintaining a fanatical focus on subscriber satisfaction. Combining his passion for taking care of people with a focus on meeting the “numbers,” Jeff has created a people-friendly yet data-driven culture that strives to be 100 percent transparent with NeoNova’s customers.