By RAY CAREY, read more by Ray


No business, just a quick update on the health of your NeoNovians.

This weekend we laced up our running shoes for the Rock & Roll road race here in Raleigh. It was hotter than we expected and somehow hillier (is that a word)?

Our finishers were:


+ Susan Gruendling – I know it was little warmer than Vermont (sorry!)
+ Melinda Feder – thank you run master; why did you get us all into this?

½ Marathon

+  Kurt Gruendling – Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom: he’s fast!
+  Justin McAleer – he’s fast at more than coding
+  Ray Carey – did not run with my plunger!
+  Dan Burke – too new at NeoNova to say no!
+  Jason McGinnis – best performance of the day
+  Steven Scales – all his splits are in basecamp
+  Kristin Gronbach – did it for the liquid refreshments!
+  Jason Fisher – finished with a sorta funny hat on
+  Curtis Strole – serving customers with a limp
+  Nick Malasca – came to work on crutches

We are committed to our health so we can service you today and long into the future.

We know providing great support is a long, long race and we are putting in the time every day to delight you.

We hope to see you in Kansas City this week at IP Possibilities!