I recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and it was full of exciting, bleeding-edge technology. I was inspired by many of the displays, but one in particular was a highlight for me.

If you know me personally, you know that I can (sometimes) be a bit of a fitness nut. I recently got an amazing exercise bike called a Peloton, which lets you take a spin class with a live instructor from the comfort of your home. These instructors are celebrities in the Peloton community (yes, it even has its own community!), and I got to meet one of my favorites. What a thrill!

It’s important to me and everyone else here at NeoNova to explore new ideas and learn about innovative ways we can help you succeed. In fact, it’s one of our five core values: we are passionate about innovation, creativity, and fun. It’s an attitude every one of us here at NeoNova brings with us to work every single day.

Having said that, we can’t create in a vacuum, so it’s essential that we talk with you to learn about your challenges, wants, and needs.

To that end, we have a few events coming up that I’d like to share.

First, we’ll be the tech help desk sponsor at NTCA’s RTIME conference in Austin next month. Stop by and say “hi” or, even better, let me buy you a cup of coffee. Get in touch and let me know if you’re interested!

Next, we’ll again be hosting our IP Vision Preconference Workshop on April 23 in New Orleans. Like last year, attendees will have a chance to engage in small-group, moderated discussions with experts and their peers before wrapping up with a “lessons learned” presentation from all of the discussions. We’ll then take all that we learned and package it into a white paper to share with our industry so we all can grow and improve. To keep the groups small, we do need to limit attendance so please don’t wait to register if you’d like to join us.

We also go to a lot of regional shows and events throughout the year. If you’ll be heading to one, please let us know and, even if we weren’t planning to attend, we’ll do our best to make it out to visit with you. If not, we’ll work to make other arrangements so we can catch up and learn more about how we can help you better serve your customers.

The team and I look forward to seeing you and hope we can meet with you sometime soon.

Our customers are our reason for being and we strive to continually improve our service to you. To accomplish that goal, it’s essential for us to learn about the challenges you’re facing and the needs of your customers. If you’d like to meet or if you just want to talk via phone or email, please reach out.

Thank you for all that you do for rural America and for choosing us to help you achieve it.

– McG