RALEIGH, N.C. (June 19, 2018) – NeoNova, a broadband division of NRTC and leader in network technologies and help desk services for regional telcos and ISPs, held a pre-conference workshop at this spring’s NTCA IP Vision Conference & Expo in New Orleans focused on improving technology services and networks in rural communities. As a result, NeoNova today has released “Growth, Loyalty, and Efficiency” – a white paper highlighting insights gathered during the workshop.

Is a video offering still viable in today’s evolving market? How do you expand into new territories or improve your existing services through network expansion as well as make it profitable? What does “managed Wi-Fi” mean to rural providers and businesses and how has it changed in the past year? Discussion points, analysis, information, and lessons learned from the workshop are now available as a complimentary download. Access the white paper here.

Called Investigation Station Rotation: Managed Wi-Fi, Network Expansion, and Broadband Video, the event was an informative pre-conference workshop that featured special guest experts and moderators from NeoNova along with subject matter experts from DISH, Comtrend, Pulse Broadband and parent company NRTC. This is the second consecutive year NeoNova has hosted this pre-conference workshop at IP Vision, also releasing a popular white paper at its conclusion in 2017.

Prior to the workshop, NeoNova used a survey to collect viewpoints from leaders in the rural provider industry to learn which technologies workshop participants were using, which seem to be gaining interest, and the challenges currently facing rural internet providers. NeoNova CEO Jason McGinnis explained that rural providers across the country have been discussing these three business verticals for quite some time as they continue to look at effective ways to better serve their existing customers and gain new ones.

“One of the most important revelations from this workshop is that many in the industry are experiencing similar challenges and issues right now,” said McGinnis. “Organizing events like this and producing valuable insights to help rural providers make better decisions about their businesses is just another example of how committed NeoNova is to helping our affiliates grow their businesses and improve their solutions so their customers continue to stay connected and benefit.”

Approximately 48 participants were divided among six groups, with six sets of experts and moderators (two pairs for each of the three topics). Pulse Broadband provided experts for Network Expansion; Comtrend led the discussions for Managed Wi-Fi; Sling TV and its parent company DISH provided expertise for Video Services. Each expert and moderator pair worked with one of the six groups to engage in discussions on their topic for 30 to 40 minutes, after which they rotated, allowing every group to discuss each of the three topics over the course of about two hours.

IP Vision was held April 23-25. Investigation Station Rotation was on Monday, April 23 from 9 a.m. to noon.


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