NeoNova’s brave soul, Chick Kennedy, has volunteered to do the “One Chip Challenge” by attempting to eat a single tortilla chip made with the hottest pepper on the planet – the Carolina Reaper. This will go down on March 19 at 8PM central/9 PM eastern as part of the WTA Foundation reception inside the Magnolia Ballroom during the WTA Spring Meeting in Destin, Fla. The Challenge itself will begin at approximately 9PM central/10PM eastern, and we’ll be live streaming from our Facebook page.

The purpose is to raise money for the WTA Foundation and Scholarship Program.

For perspective, the Carolina Reaper it’s 10x hotter than a habanero pepper! This demon pepper created in South Carolina is bred for heat and that’s it. It is officially the World’s Hottest Pepper as ranked by Guinness Records. There is nothing normal about it, with an average SHU of over 1.5 million and peaks at 2.2 Million SHU! SHU = Scoville Heat Unit (a measure of spiciness).

Why would anyone attempt to eat the hottest chili pepper in the world? Not sure what the #OneChipChallenge is?

Chick explains it all in this brief video. Be sure to watch the whole thing for a surprise outtake!

Now, how can you help?

Chick is doing the hard part! Your part is easy!

Just pledge an amount for each 10 seconds Chick goes without eating or drinking anything to counter the heat from the challenge. The maximum time is 5 minutes, so multiply your pledge by 30 to get your max donation amount. For example, if you pledge $1 per 10 seconds, your donation will be $30, if Chick lasts all 5 minutes. So please, help cheer on Chick by clicking here or the Pledge Now button to raise money for WTA Foundation Scholarship Program.

If you can’t join us for the live event at WTA Spring Meeting, don’t worry. We’re recording it so you can enjoy it later!

All donations are tax deductible. See table below for current pledge count.

Being a good corporate citizen and being of service to others is at the heart of our culture. NeoNova Cares is the philanthropic arm of the company and is active throughout the year supporting the local community. Learn more about NeoNova Cares.

Not all peppers hurt the same way. Rest assured the hurt from the Carolina Reaper is its own brand of evil. But, hey, it’s for a good cause.

Support Chick and the WTA!

See you in Florida on March 19.