Happy Monday, everyone! Sorry for being so chipper at a time when most of us are still mourning the end of the weekend, but we’re excited about the latest news here at NeoNova. We are a leading-edge technology partner for rural broadband providers, and we felt our online presence should reflect that. Thus, it’s my pleasure to unveil the revamped NeoNova.net!

We’re running a little scavenger hunt to celebrate our new virtual facelift. It ends on Friday, March 31, so check out our new website, answer a few questions, and get a chance to win some cool prizes.

One of our major goals with this website revision is to highlight the many ways we can help you enhance your business. In line with this goal, our new website makes it easier than ever to find the best practices and advice we’ll continue to offer as often as possible. Our latest additions to our library are a couple of cybersecurity posts you may want to check out: Cybersecurity has a Pulse: Essential Features of Employee Training and The $100M Question: How to Protect Against Spear Phishing. I hope they’re helpful.

If you have any feedback about the website, our Director of Marketing, Bob Buchko, would love to hear from you at rbuchko(at)neonova.net.

If you’d like to chat about your current services or other ways we might be able to help, just email me at jmcginnis(at)neonova.net.

I hope our new website and articles are helpful. Enjoy the rest of your week!