Not long ago, I was down in New Orleans for the NTCA Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME). I had the opportunity to spend time with many of our customers, and it was a real treat to put names and faces together. While I was visiting with one customer, I had them tell me at a trolley stop, “aren’t the people of New Orleans really nice? Everyone is so friendly.”

That really got me thinking.

In today’s world, everyone uses the phrase “we care” and none more so than people who work in customer service and support. But, do all those people really care, or are they just going through the motions?

So, back to my story.

On reflection, my first thought was that many of the employees we encountered on our trolley tour were just going through the motions; they knew if they were nice, they would likely get a bigger tip. You might think that sounds a bit cynical, and I don’t mean it to be because they have to pay the bills, after all.

However, when it comes to customer support, extending real care cannot just be a superficial act – it needs to come from the heart. Here at NeoNova we understand that most communication today is digital (meaning the Internet). The era of only talking on the phone once or twice a week is gone. We take our role very seriously because we know that keeping customers online is actually helping them stay connected personally.

As an example, today I spoke with a customer who told us how well our agent handled a certain difficult situation, and how the call made for such a great customer experience. Comments like the following are what I think of when I imagine what it means to really care …

“Your agent did excellent with the conversation and troubleshooting. He quickly diagnosed that the ONT was out and then asked about the battery backup, which was up. He sounded confident and professional.”

When prospects join our team, they participate in an extensive training program that instills culture and care as they work through the technical aspects of their job. We attempt to bake into our team members the core of NeoNova’s DNA: that caring for our customer is the best way to succeed as a Help Desk agent. During the training process, they work with the QA team to learn the skills that are important to our customers.

From the agents on our floor to the leadership team, at NeoNova we care about your subscribers and the issues they are facing. I hope you all understand how much we appreciate your business and the trust you place with us caring for your customers.


About the Author

Jeff Kennon is the Director of Customer Care at NeoNova. Drawing on his 26 years of leadership and customer care experience, he helped built the NeoNova technical support team from the ground up, streamlining it with highly-efficient processes while maintaining a fanatical focus on subscriber satisfaction. Combining his passion for taking care of people with a focus on meeting the “numbers,” Jeff has created a people-friendly yet data-driven culture that strives to be 100 percent transparent with NeoNova’s customers.