By RAY CAREY, read more by Ray

It was so great to see many of you earlier this month at NTCA RTIME 2014.

This year’s  event in San Antonio offered great opportunities to connect with peers and share business strategies, new insights and problem-solving ideas, all while experiencing some Texas-style fun.

I’m always excited by these shows, especially with our appearance this year in the joint booth with our parent NRTC and our “cousin” Telispire. Given the geographic diversity of our rural telco base, events like RTIME offer a way to see so many people and have so many beneficial discussions.

I was struck this year more than any other by the amount of time spent talking about the need for innovation in our industry. The funny thing about innovation is that you can’t always see exactly how a neat idea will turn into revenue.

For example, we’ve been playing with Roku ideas for more than a year now. Several customers have used the device to sell bigger data packages and get new subscribers. Now several more want to build a new kind of TV service. Who knows what will come next?

The important thing is to keep trying new things.

Our best ideas have always come from our customers, and we want you to keep them coming.

NRTC’s message this year is We’re all in this together. At NeoNova, our mission is to do anything possible to help your business growing and thriving. Call us, we’re listening.