By RAY CAREY, read more by Ray[/avatar]

When I moved to the South about three years ago, I fell in love with the food, the music, the hospitality and the warm winters – wait, this week’s snow and ice in Raleigh was NOT in the travel brochure!

While we weathered the storm well here in Raleigh, I did have 2 employees at home with me at Casa Carey for a slumber party and 2 others were stuck at our office all night! That and a few car accidents aside, we are no worse for the wear here at NeoNova. We do feel for many of our affiliates and end-users who are still without power and working diligently to get their communities back up and running normally.

On a happy note, I was pleased to see the power of the Cloud working for us as we sent folks home, all of whom logged in, including our local help desk team. Everyone had access to the tools and systems they have at the office, albeit not the great coffee and camaraderie.

I took a close look at our status wallboard before I left and was proud to see no calls on hold and employees from in Montana and NeoNovians from four different cities all who returned home and were taking calls. +1 for the Cloud.

All in all it has been a crazy, fun, COLD, but still very productive week here at NeoNova.

Happy Valentines. We love serving you.


On another fun note, I’m writing this from our NeoNova desk treadmill. With the weather I have not been able to get outside for a run, so I came in early to use the workout facility in the office. It’s fun. Stop by for a workout.