For those of you who joined us for TechConnect 2017 at Jekyll Island, you already know what this one’s all about. If you weren’t able to make it, TechConnect is our annual Affiliate Summit, where we gather together to network and share information and advice. Of course, we also tend to have them in awesome places and reserve time to have some fun! Read on for details of TechConnect 2019.

Where will it be?

Our next TechConnect will be held outside of Austin Texas at the beautiful Lost Pines Resort. Nestled on 400 acres along the banks of the lower Colorado River, Lost Pines is a memorable escape with horseback riding, kayaking on the Colorado River, and hiking in nearby McKinney Roughs Nature Park. Oh, and it also happens to have a really nice golf course right on the property. We’d love to see you there!

When is the event?

May 13th- May 15th, 2019
(Keep in mind that we’ll have great rates that extend for several days in either direction from the event. With all the incredible activities to do and unique places to see, you may want to turn the trip into a vacation!)

What’s the agenda?

You can download the Agenda here, including the NeoNova breakout session. We’ll be reserving a full day for our NeoNova, Telispire, and NRTC breakout sessions since everyone found them especially useful last time!

How can I reserve a hotel room?

Just visit the following link!

How much does it cost and what does registration include?

Registration is FREE for the first two employees of NRTC Members, NeoNova Affiliates, Telispire customers, or Pulse Broadband customers. Additional employees are welcome to attend at a steeply discounted rate. We also have a special rate for any guests you’d like to bring along, such as spouses.

Registration gets you access to all of the general session, the breakout of your choice (for NRTC Members, NeoNova Affiliates and Telispire customers), gourmet meals for all of Tuesday and Wednesday, drinks at the social events, and the activity of your choice (space-permitting).

What sort of activities will we have?

If you’ve attended any of our previous events, you know that, while we work hard during the sessions, we don’t skimp on the food or fun when they’re over! From delicious Texas BBQ to horseback riding on the trail, we’re planning an authentic Lone Star State experience for you. Activities you can choose from include:

Hawk Walk (falconry demonstration)
Check out the beauty of one of nature’s most perfect predators, up close!

Hit the links on one of the best courses in all of Texas. Fore!

Skeet Shooting
Help free the Austin area from its infestation by a non-native bird species: clay pigeons!

Kayaking and River Rafting
Explore the Colorado River and take in the fantastic sights.

Renegade Trail Ride
Saddle up and ride the trails on the resort’s more than 400 acres.

Austin Bus Tour
Check out the sights and learn a little about Austin’s colorful history and happening hot spots during this fun, interactive adventure through one of the most unique cities in America!

Iron Chef Competition
Think you have what it takes? Grab your ingredients and see if you can make the tastiest treats. Allez cuisine!

(Note that all activities are subject to change based on interest, availability, weather, and other factors.)

It’s going to be an amazing, extremely worthwhile event. We recommend registering as soon as you can to be sure you get a good hotel room and the activity you’d like.

See you there!