What are we doing?

To raise money for the WTA Foundation scholarship fund, WTA and NeoNova are teaming up to hold video horse racing on the evening of April 8th at the WTA Foundation reception during the 2019 Spring Meeting.

How can you win?

You’ll have the opportunity to donate to name the horses (all donations are tax deductible). There are only 10 horses per race and only 5 races total, so donate early to ensure you get your horse! We’ll have our own announcer there doing his best not to trip over the creative names you come up with.

See the promo video below!

Each winning horse will be entered into a grand prize drawing at the end of the evening, and with only the race winners in the drawing, your odds will be pretty decent. We’re still deciding on the grand prize, but it’s going to be something special! You may want to donate to name a few horses to increase your odds of winning.

Plus, at the event itself, you’ll be able to donate to receive vouchers. Use those vouchers to guess – not bet – guess the winning horse of each race. At the end of each race, everyone who guessed the winning horse will be entered into a gift card drawing for that race. You could win a nice return!

Come join the fun!

Remember, all proceeds benefit the WTA Foundation Scholarship fund. We hope you can spare a few dollars for a great cause and join us for a really, really fun and exciting evening of virtual horse racing. See you there!

Donate to name your horse today!

NeoNova’s Chick Kennedy, host of the event, prepares
for a race during his brief stint as the world’s largest jockey.