We not only like to help our members succeed; we like to help their communities succeed, too! That’s why NeoNova’s own Chick Kennedy will be attempting the One Chip Challenge to raise money for the WTA Foundation scholarship fund at the 2018 WTA Spring Meeting in Destin FL. We’ll be live-streaming on our Facebook page on March 19th starting around 9PM eastern time, and we’ll also post a video after the event.

If you’re not sure what the One Chip Challenge is, check out our blog and video about the event, which includes an intro video and the current pledge total. 

To support Chick and get a better idea of what he’s in for, a bunch of us in the NeoNova office decided to attempt the One Chip Challenge ourselves. The official chips are hard to come by, so we substituted in some FlashBang hot sauce. The heat of peppers is measured according to a rating system called Scoville Units. Habanero peppers clock in at 150,000-350,000 Scoville units. The hot sauce we used is rated at 2 MILLION Scoville units. The One Chip Challenge is 2.2 million, so the newly-formed NeoNova Sympathizers Club had a very comparable experience.

Check out the fallout from our huge mistake!

If you’d like to contribute, you can pledge an amount for each 10 seconds Chick goes without eating or drinking anything to counter the heat from the challenge. The maximum time is 5 minutes, so multiply your pledge by 30 to get your max donation amount. For example, if you pledge $1 per 10 seconds, your donation will be $30, if Chick lasts all 5 minutes. So please, help cheer on Chick by clicking here or the Pledge Now button to raise money for WTA Foundation Scholarship Program.

If you can’t join us for the live event at WTA Spring Meeting, don’t worry. We’re recording it so you can enjoy it later!

(All donations are tax deductible.)