Detect Network Issues Faster & Minimize Impact During a DDoS Event

Gain insight into what is happening on your network. Through a real-time, web-based dashboard, you can monitor and track internet traffic levels and patterns, device and application usage, and capacity levels, as well as attack detection and mitigation. Added visibility to your network allows you to provide a better customer experience while helping your bottom line.

Real-time insights that drive business decisions

Real-time insights that drive business decisions

Network Analysis

Benefits of enhanced network intelligence include:

  • Minimized outages and downtime
    • Research network issues, find root causes of disruption, and quickly remedy issues to keep your network healthy and your customers happy
  • Reduced customer churn and complaints
    • Less network issues means less customer calls.
  • Improved operational efficiencies
    • Speed time to understanding
  • Plan traffic distribution
    • Reduce IP transit costs and Hops
  • Improved network performance
    • Visually see network flow, high loads and congestion
  • Rapid identification of performance issues before customers notice
    • Powerful and flexible traffic anomaly detection
  • Reduced SLA credits 
    • Higher uptime and sustained performance help ensure your team is meeting and maintaining service level agreements
Real-time insights that drive business decisions

DDoS Mitigation

Live network technicians use best-in-class tools monitor for DDoS attacks 24×7. When an attack occurs, our technicians minimize the impact to your network by quickly identifying the target IP address and mitigating the threat.

Benefits of DDoS mitigation includes:

  • 24×7 monitoring 
    • Ensure attacks are identified at all hours of the day. With our 24×7 live monitoring, you can rest easy knowing that there is always someone watching over your network
  • Rapid response to targeted attacks
    • Quickly identify and respond to DDoS attacks whenever they occur. Our team is standing by and on-call prepared for any potential threats
  • Minimize network impact
    • Our black hole approach to DDoS mitigation removes the affected IP address from impacting the rest of your network
  • Support through completion
    • Once the attack has been nullified and the IP address removed, our team works with your company and upstream providers until the issue is resolved. We are with you every step of the way

Other Solutions

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