Solutions Provided

NeoNova provides Brazos with network operations assistance through Network Services, Help Desk Services, and Partnership Services. These services included 24x7x365 support, a dedicated customer advocate, extended network team support, and more.

The Challenges

In late 2016, Brazos Communications experienced an unforeseeable emergency when an office firewall device failed, causing a complete shut down to their regular office operations. This physical firewall device was still relatively new to their network so Hank Plitt, IT Director for Brazos Communications, was caught off guard with the failure. Under pressure to restore service ASAP, he reached out to NeoNova to see if their Network Operations staff could assist.

The Solutions

Hank worked with network engineers at NeoNova to come up with a solution. Knowing that the firewall device was recently replaced, the Network Operations team worked to configure a new firewall device to replicate the settings on the faulty firewall device. With a few hours of diligent work, Hank and the NeoNova team were able to restore network access to the Brazos office before the end of day. In mid-2017, Hank reached out to NeoNova again after securing a more permanent firewall solution. Knowing that NeoNova’s Network Operations team was able to assist in the past, he worked again with the network engineers to aid in the setup of the new firewall solution.

The Results

NeoNova assisted network staff at Brazos Communications in a time of urgent need. The Network Operations team applied their expert, out-of-box thinking to assist Hank in resolving the issue as quickly as possible. Based on the fast response and excellent results, Brazos again engaged with NeoNova to help implement a robust solution when they were able to purchase a new firewall device. “NeoNova’s quick response time and expertise really helped us out in our time of need. We’re very thankful to have NeoNova as a partner,” says Hank Plitt, IT Director at Brazos Communications.

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About Brazos Communications

Brazos Telephone Cooperative, Inc. a locally owned and operated company for over 60 years, offers the latest in communications technology, services, and equipment. We proudly serve the communities of Archer City, Bryson, Eliasville, Elbert, Jermyn, Loving, Newcastle, Olney, Orth and Woodson, TX.

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