Solutions Provided

NeoNova provided communications support, self-service support portals for the newly migrated customers, 24×7 phone support, and much more.

The Challenges

In its mission to deliver state-of-the-art services to their customers, Comporium turned to NeoNova to provide a more secure and modern email and productivity suite. During the implementation project, over 50,000 customer mailboxes would have to be migrated to NeoNova’s hosted platform. Due to the exceptionally large amount of data, a typical “cutover” process might cause customers to temporarily lose access to a portion of their email. Also, the number of customers involved meant that any issue might cause a spike in support calls that could potentially overwhelm existing support resources. The mail migration would need to be done quickly, but carefully to ensure nothing was missed. NeoNova and Comporium would have to work together to develop a solution to keep customers satisfied and prevent a large influx of support calls to Comporium’s support desk.

The Solutions

NeoNova worked with Comporium to develop a comprehensive solution to ensure customers maintained access to their services, satisfaction levels remained high, and call volume stayed manageable. This solution involved several key components:

Customized proactive communications
Using a custom made notification system, NeoNova kept Comporium customers informed throughout the migration. To minimize post-migration support calls, Comporium customers were also asked to update their settings prior to the migration. These notifications were sent out in waves, minimizing call volume spikes and allowing the team to expect and prepare for them.

Self-service support portal
To further reduce support calls, NeoNova built a self-service support portal where customers could access step-by-step instructions to walk them through updating their mail clients and mobile devices to the new mail security settings.

Customer support services
To assist with migration-related calls, NeoNova’s internally staffed help desk provided over 40,000 minutes of support. NeoNova also sent a team of support experts to Comporium’s headquarters for a three-day intensive training session to prepare the Comporium support team.

Integrated systems
Because of the size of Comporium’s customer base, support and provisioning processes needed to be streamlined to maximize efficiency. NeoNova built custom integrations to connect Comporium’s support ticketing system, radius provisioning, and authentication systems.

Proxy server implementation
To facilitate the migration, NeoNova purchased and deployed a powerful server at the Comporium headquarters. This server acted not only as a proxy, ensuring that customers who had not yet updated settings could still access email, but also as a probe to test data transfer for the migration and ensure the entire process went smoothly.

The Results

Due to careful planning and their combined knowledge and experience, the joint NeoNova and Comporium project team successfully completed the migration on-schedule and incident-free. By working closely with Comporium to develop a thorough understanding of their needs, NeoNova was able to adapt our standard processes and systems. Post conversion, NeoNova also worked with Comporium to enforce industry standard password rules and systematically update weak customer passwords, ensuring that Comporium now provides state-of-the-art data security to match its leading-edge email productivity suite.

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About Comporium

Comporium is headquartered in Rock Hill, SC, servicing areas across upstate and midland SC as well as supplying business communications equipment and service in Charlotte, NC. Founded in 1894 as Rock Hill Telephone Company, Comporium has grown from 27 phones lines to over 118,500 customers served. For over 120 years, Comporium has remained dedicated to its mission of meeting customers’ technology needs while providing unsurpassed value.

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