Solutions Provided

NeoNova provides Randolph with a breadth of services including branded self service customer portals, website hosting, rebrandable email service, 24×7 support, and much more.

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The Challenges

In 2001, rural North Carolina provider Randolph Communications knew that managing their own subscriber services would be difficult and taxing on their staff, but they were hesitant to outsource services as they’d had bad experiences with previous partners. When former general manager, Frankie Cagle, looked into working with NeoNova, he saw a promising future in NeoNova’s hands-on, affiliate-focused approach.

The Solutions

Randolph would come to partner with NeoNova and use many subscriber services such as the App Portal, NovaSubscriber, rebrandable email and more. “The way we used to do it with previous companies was a nightmare,” Frankie says, “NeoNova was able to transform that to where my employees can go in and manage everything with very little trouble.”

The Results

More efficient customer tracking and account administration. Cost reduction through excellent customer support. Simplicity in managing subscriber services and additional revenue growth opportunities through value add services. “We were just having a bad time doing a good job servicing our customers and NeoNova brought a solution together for us. Through them we were able to eliminate second truck rolls. It’s really helped us a lot in cutting our costs.”

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About Our Client

About Randolph Communications

Randolph Communications, located in Asheboro, NC, is one of NeoNova’s oldest and most successful partners. Originally founded in 1954, Randolph Communications now serves eight different exchanges in seven different counties in the central, rural communities of North Carolina.

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