Solutions Provided

NeoNova provided a speedy email conversion to its hosted platform, Zimbra. The conversion required project management, migration support, and a flawless cutover.

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The Challenges

In mid 2016, Surry Telephone acquired a small local cable company and its customer rights. Over the course of nine months, Surry converted all of these customers to their services. Just when they thought the project was coming to a close, they were met with an unfortunate surprise: an email server with 280 email accounts that would be lost if they did not get migrated to Surry’s email platform before the acquired cable company was shut down. “There was a bit of panic, especially when talking about losing people’s email,” says Chris Danley, Network Supervisor at Surry Telephone, “Luckily, NeoNova was able to get the migration completed before the internet connectivity was turned down for the email server.”

The Solutions

NeoNova worked with Surry to quickly and efficiently move all email accounts to NeoNova’s hosted email solution, Zimbra. Even though this was a small domain, it was important that the conversion was seamless and did not impact customers. Since Surry provides their own customer support, it was crucial that there was no spike in calls. Any issue could cause delays in support times and create unhappy customers among the 11,000 users on the company’s other email domains.

The NeoNova project and operations team worked tirelessly to guarantee no impact to Surry’s customers. As they have experience with well over 100 email conversions, the migration process was well vetted and thoroughly tested. As a result, the accelerated email conversion had no complications.

The Results

“We had worked with NeoNova so much prior to the conversion that it was so smooth,” says Brenda Goad, Customer Service Manager at Surry Telephone. Thanks to the experience NeoNova’s teams had in migration situations, plus the open communication and full cooperation of Surry Telephone’s team, the domain was moved to Zimbra with time to spare. Due to backend work by the NeoNova operations team, customers using email clients did not need to change any settings. NeoNova was able to minimize customer impact so the experience was seamless for nearly all users; the vast majority never even knew a change took place.

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About Our Client

About Surry Telephone Membership Corporation

Surry Telephone is based out of Dobson, NC with offices in Elkin, Mt. Airy, Pilot Mountain, and Lexington, NC. Founded in 1951, Surry Telephone has grown from its humble beginnings as a telephone provider to now servicing 11,494 High Speed Subscribers and a total of 4790 Video Subscribers.

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