Solutions Provided

NeoNova provided on-site support and quickly dispatched a senior technical support engineer to get Wilkes back up and running.

The Challenges

When local rural telco, Wilkes Communications, found itself in a situation where a router in their core network was down, they turned to NeoNova for help.

The Solutions

“Without hesitation, NeoNova sent an expert network engineer and a router named ‘Pinky’ that they kept as a spare.” says Jody Call, Director of Network Operations at Wilkes Communications. “They got on the road and drove two and a half hours to Wilkes, put that router in the network, and stayed for a couple of days just to make sure everything was going to be ok. That’s going above and beyond; that’s over the top customer service.”

The Results

After some work with Jody’s team, NeoNova was able to get Wilkes’ network back up and online in a quickly and efficiently. “They aren’t going to be in every affiliate’s backyard, but their presence with you and the support they provide is going to make it feel like they’re in your backyard,” says Jody.

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About Our Client

About Wilkes Communications

Wilkes Communications is a provider of internet, telephone, television, and security systems for 14,000 subscribers in Wilkes County, Barnardsville, Saluda, and Fair Bluff, NC.

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