NRTC purchased NeoNova in June 2013 to provide managed broadband solutions and broadband video solutions to its members. As a wholly owned subsidiary of NRTC, NeoNova enjoys solid financial and technological backing from a cooperative whose mission, “To provide solutions that help telecom and electric members bring all of the advantages of today’s evolving technology to rural America,” aligns perfectly with our own.

Member Driven. Technology Focused.

NRTC lives up to its promise of being member driven and technology focused each and every day. It starts with a staff of experts dedicated to finding technologies that benefit members. Because NRTC’s experts have a thorough understanding of rural electric and telecom providers, they add to its advanced solutions set only those technologies that address the unique challenges of serving rural communities.

Delivering Technology Solutions to Rural America

NRTC’s technology solutions impact over 1,500 rural telecom and electric providers across 48 states.

Why Join NRTC?

Discover the benefits of membership in a national cooperative serving the information technology and telecom needs of rural electric and telephone utilities. As a member of NRTC (a tax-exempt, member-owned organization with patronage),  you will join more than 1,500 other rural utilities that have a stake in the development of products and services that can help you grow your business, get closer to your customers, and build revenues.